Summertime Country Music Festivals

With June quickly passing by, midsummer is swiftly approaching. As the euphoria from the end of the school year begins to fade, the sleepy lull of late-June and July is just on the horizon, and I couldn’t be more excited to sit back and relax. July has always been my favorite month; for me, it means sleeping in, staying out, and spending my days driving around with country music playing from my car speakers. Continue reading

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Country Music: Making Everything a Little More Western

I love country music – anybody who knows me at all will be quick to tell you that. For any given situation, you can just about guarantee there’s a country song that’ll fit your mood, whether it be happy, sad, or just plain peachy. It can also fit any time a day – morning, noon, or night, you can bet a pretty penny that I’ll be playing some good tunes. From making the morning coffee to washing the dishes after dinner, something about playing country in the background makes everything seem a little brighter. Continue reading

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Music At Cracker Barrel

I just got back from my nieces graduation, and it feels good to be home. The ceremony was great, but the drive home was hell. We were in traffic for three hours, bumper to bumper. My only sanity of the ride home was spent at Cracker Barrel.

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Where I Buy My Music

Call me crazy, but I absolutely can’t stand today’s music. It seems like everything is either about drugs or drinking. And then the other half is music that you can’t even understand the lyrics of. Continue reading

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Kip Moore A Country Singer?

If you are as big of a country singer as I am, then you probably don’t think of Kip Moore when you hear “country singer”. I definitely didn’t, up until I heard one of his less popular songs. Now I usually don’t like singers who sing a variety of different types of music. I like hearing country music from a country singer, rock from a rock star, and rap from a rapper. There’s something about Kip Moore though that makes me add an exception, because his songs are just so great.

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American Music Supply: Where I Buy Guitars

American Musical Supply - Your Guitar SourceMy friends and I are in the process of putting a band together. So far, it’s just the three of us. We’re now looking for at least two more band members, and we’re holding auditions. Continue reading

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Esperanza Spalding Tickets

Although Esperanza Spalding is more about chamber music than country, we thought we’d pay a little tribute with a link to cheap Esperanza Spalding tickets for sale. We found that the cheapest tix to the concert on 05/05/2012 at Paramount Theatre – TX in Austin, TX were available on and wanted to share this bit of news.

Rock in Rio 2011 © Rodrigo Esper - GrudaemmimIt’s probably too late to get tickets to the premiere of Radio Music Society in the USA on April 18th in Buffalo, NY. Luckily, the Texas concert is coming up, and she’ll also go on tour in Cleveland, New York City, Boston, Seattle, Portland, OR, Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, Austin, Nashville, Durham, Charlotte, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Paris, Amsterdam, Bergen, Madrid, London, Highland Park, Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Saratoga, Rotterdam, Stuttgart, Suffolk, Istanbul, Vitoria- Gasteiz, Luzern, Marciac.

Buy Discount Esperanza Spalding Tickets Here

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Getting A Good Deal On Instruments From Musicians Friend

Microphone Madness at

My buddies and I have been in a band for a while now. We have really just been playing in our garages, and our audience has only been friends and family members. We had years of practice under our belts, and we finally thought we were ready to make a few extra bucks and play for a real audience. Continue reading

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Taylor Swift

When I think of the top tour of 2011, I would probably think of someone like Beyonce or David Guetta. It turns out that Taylor Swift had an even more successful tour than those two or any other popular artists. Based on gross ticket sales, Swift really had a successful year. I can’t blame anyone for thinking Swift is such a successful singer with such great songs. Now that I think about it, I can really understand why she did indeed have such a great tour. The good thing about her is that she can have fans from all different ages, because of the wide variety of songs she has. She can have teenager fans, but also be just as popular with adults.I truly look up to her, and believe she has such a passion for her music.

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Country Music

There’s just something so relaxing and enjoyable about listening to country music. I listen to it when I’m stressed out, and the music really soothes me. The best part of country music is that there’s a song out there for any kind of mood I’m in. In addition to listening to country music to relax me, I also listen to it when I’m in a good mood as well. I actually have a playlist on my iPod with country music for different moods I may be in. If I’m not in the best of moods, I may put on a song and it might even put me in a better mood. One of my favorite country singers is Taylor Swift. Her lyrics are so real, which I love about her. I don’t like singers who just sing about the good stuff about life, because there are many things in life that aren’t perfect.

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